Historic Metal Castings


Lost Wax Cast

Stewart Iron Works is uniquely qualified to handle your preservation project needs when historic metal castings are involved. For many years we have restored historic Stewart products manufactured early in the company’s 120 year history as well as similar historic products made by others. Since these preservation projects typically involve the repair or replacement of original metal castings we have developed considerable historic casting expertise.

We maintain an extensive archival library of historic ironwork technical literature and drawings as well as an extensive collection of historic metal casting molding patterns from which the castings were made. These patterns are available for direct molding of historic pieces and are also available for use as models for new pattern construction that will yield historic appearing pieces.

We can use your historic casting as a model for the creation of a new molding pattern and will achieve identical sized pieces because of expertise in the scientific art of metal shrinkage.

If you preservation project has special historic metal casting needs talk to us about our historic casting capabilities.

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2-Part Pattern Sand Cast

2-Part Pattern Sand Cast


2-Part Pattern Sand Cast