Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the Scioto Mile is an urban oasis compromised of more than 145 acres of lush parkland stretching along the Scioto River and connecting with downtown Columbus. The project was funded by a partnership between the public and private sectors. The City of Columbus worked with the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation to develop and execute the project.

A key part of this ambitious project was a number of custom-designed architectural metal products.  On the Scioto Mile, Stewart Ironworks provided 40 bike racks, 12 colonnades (40 feet long by 8 feet wide steel trellis canopies built in three piece sections), 1,800 feet of planter barrier fence, and a stunning 15,000-square-foot water fountain.

The water fountain has more than 1,000 pop-up jets creating a dancing wall of water, five halos that spray mist and fog, and a “blossom” feature that shoots a stream of water 70 feet in the air.  Stewart Ironworks used premium, marine-grade stainless steel for this project.

The halo fountains were fabricated and assembled with lapidary precision by Stewart Ironworks, using curved five-inch pipe posts and a three-inch pipe rolled into a tapered helix shape. The largest halo measures 28 feet tall by 42 feet wide. The smallest is 19 feet tall and 20 feet. The blossom had 96 curved three-inch pipes shaped in an oval with 24 active shower units.

The Scioto Mile was a complicated project that artisans at Stewart Ironworks enjoyed creating. For example, they had to create the halos’ tapered helix shape while having the changing radius blend together.

The Steward Ironworks team followed an eight-stage process for construction and reassembly of both the fountains and the blossom:

1)      Polish the pipe in full raw material lengths.

2)      Roll the pipe to the radius or radii needed.

3)      Cut, weld, drill, and tap the pipe to pieces needed.

4)      Assemble the fountain as a whole in the Stewart Ironworks manufacturing facility.

5)      Disassemble the fountain in to shippable pieces.

6)      Repolish all pieces.

7)      Transport the pieces to the project site.

8)      Reassemble the fountains onsite at the Scioto Mile.

Stewart Ironworks used its years of experience and talented workforce to complete and install this complicated project. We would like to thank the City of Columbus and the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation for allowing us to be a part of this beautiful project.

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