At Stewart Iron Works it’s no secret what we do. We are a company that specializes in ornamental iron work, and for generations we have exceeded our reputation in the “artistry of metal”. Our skilled designers, engineers and craftsmen, not only create today’s custom masterpieces, but are driven by the challenges of metal masterpieces we have yet to create.

For the last 150 years we have executed many high profile projects such as the United States Capitol, the Panama Canal, Walt Disney World Resort and the Halo fountains for the City of Columbus, OH. We are known for taking ordinary iron work and transforming them into masterpieces of function and beauty.

Recently we have taken on a vast array of projects such as, but not limited to, parking garages.

Earlier this year we completed the One America Parking Garage in Indianapolis, IN; designing the stairs and SS window grills. The project included fabricating and installing aluminum handrails and stainless steel mesh panels.

At Stewart Iron Works there is nothing more stimulating than tackling projects head on, and overcoming challenges other companies find intimidating. From iron work designs such as fences, gates, railings and more, to now parking garages across the mid-west, I feel there is nothing Stewart can’t do.

Other similar projects include:

  • Main and First Parking Garage in Dayton, OH- Garage panel and sign.
  • Broadway Garage in Cincinnati, OH- Garage panels.
  • U square Garage in Cincinnati, OH- Exterior mesh wall panels.
  • Front Street Garage in Columbus, OH- Window grills.
  • UK Parking Garage in Lexington, KY- Stairs.
  • Bella Collina Parking Garage in Orlando, FL- Ornamental steel railings, fence, garage panels, gates.

If you or your company is interested in Stewart designing custom iron work for you please call us at 859.431.1985, or email our sales representative at Also, make sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the “Stewart Shield” and our future custom masterpieces.

Written By: Ryann Little

Blogger for Stewart Iron Works

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